Autistic People are Compulsive Truth Tellers

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by David Rowland, Autism Expert

Autistic people tell the truth because we have no choice in the matter.* Our brains are hard wired to fixate on only one thought at a time. We cannot run two mental programs simultaneously. This means we cannot lie spontaneously, because to do so would require dividing our attention between what we are saying and another background story. It isn’t possible.

Our inner world is entirely mental/intellectual. All our thoughts follow logical patterns. This gives us a laser-like ability to expose falsehoods in popular theories and common beliefs. In other words, we have finely tuned bullcrap detectors. When you always function in a mode of truth, it is easy to spot lies.

*Note: Autistic people cannot lie spontaneously. We can, however, tell premeditated lies but prefer not to – because it is such a waste of mental energy.

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  1. For me, this is very accurate, and inside I am driven by the need for truth. It is the primary goal, and all other concerns are secondary, tertiary, or less.

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